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52 Highly Effective Quotes to Get More Women into Your Bed (Picture Book)


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You have within your grasp 52 highly effective quotes that have been battled tested in the field threw and threw by Master Pickup artists and Dudes with NO GAME alike.

The kind of quotes you whisper in your home boy’s ear to put some hairs on his chest and get him to bust a move. The kind of quotes you go to in your loneliest hour for inspiration and motivation.

When you’ve fallen to your knees or just straight stuck on stupid, there’s a quote in here to make the night a game changer!

Make sure you keep an extra copy on your mobile to whip out for quick insight to aid you in various scenarios.

We have divided these highly effective quotes into 5 parts
Increasing odds
Insight on approach
Self Insight
Insight on women
Choreographing a 3 way

Some quotes may seem just silly however look to their deeper meaning for the hidden beauty. Other quotes are short sweet carrying a knockout blow, while still some will require mental concentration for its many meanings to unfold.

We encourage you to read them, study them, read them again and again and don’t take them lightly, these very quotes are responsible for getting thousands upon thousands of beautiful women into the beds of average Dudes.


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