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APPROACH WOMEN LIKE A DOM, The Ultimate Pickup Artist Training Playbook on How To Meet Cute Girls. Dating Essentials 101: Approaching Women with Domination (Alpha Male Training 2)


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  • There will come a time when you will be close to your final days on this earth and then the only thing that will matter is what you have done with the little time that you had; do you want to say that you have lived FULLY and BOLDLY, or that you have pleased other’s opinions?

  • You will never have complete social acceptance in this world;j ust learn to live and tolerate a high level of social un-acceptance and you will then have the power to DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT TO DO because you are no longer restrained by the strict cultural restrictions.

  • Some people will judge you very negatively for being on the lookout, approaching and seducing cute younger women. Let them judge you because their judgments are meaningless and worthless. Others will watch in envy – wishing they were you.

And hundreds upon hundreds of more valuable insights on developing the Alpha Male Dom mindset. This book is free on Kindle Unlimited. Get it now and let it transform your life!

  • In the end they will die along with their thoughts, and none of it actually mattered at all. When you want to do something, fucking do it and FUCK what people think. Let them disapprove. In the end the only thing that matters is what YOU think of you, and if YOU approve.


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