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Attraction Made Simple


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A complete step-by-step guide to meeting, attracting and sleeping with beautiful women.

There’s a natural progression to a man’s game. A sort of hierarchy of requirements. I see two kinds of guys: guys who have some parts of their game down but are missing the basics and guys that have the basics down but are missing the higher aspects of their game. The guys who have their basics down are ALWAYS more successful than the guys who don’t.

What I’m about to give to you maps out this entire progression. In it you’ll discover how to become a master at attracting women, step-by-step, from the bottom-up. I’ve compiled every lesson and technique I and thousands of other men have found success with. I’ve put years of cumulative knowledge from my own experiences and the experiences of successful men together and distilled it into one book that that tells you everything you need to know about attracting women. A bare-bone beginner’s guide to becoming better with women.

No weird techniques that you’d never actually use in public, no pressure points that get her instantly aroused, and no feathered boas. I’m going to teach you how to get laid while keeping your integrity intact.

No tricks.

No gimmicks.

Just a simple and practical manual on the science and art of getting women irresistibly attracted to you.

If life were college, this book would be Attraction 101.

Whether you’re new to the game or you’re in the same boat I was 5 years ago, this book was designed for you. A manual for the slow-starter and the best launch pad out there for the beginner who want to skyrocket his game. This is for the student who wants to excel with women and not settle.

What you get:

– Easy-to-use, field-tested customizable attraction SCRIPTS that you can go out and use to attract women TONIGHT!
– The secrets to keeping any conversation going while heightening her attraction for you.
– The number one thing all women want from a man and what you can do today to be that person.
– A crash course on how you can utilize your fashion and grooming to get women attracted to you before even opening your mouth.
– How to approach any woman, any time.
– How to plant hypnotic suggestions in your conversation to make woman desire you sexually.
– How to get women comfortable touching you and touch tactics you can use to smoothly transition into making-out and sleeping with beautiful women in less than in an hour!
– Sex made simple!
– Psychological breakdowns of successful and sexually attractive males and how you can emulate their mental strategies to increase your game 10 times over.
– The secrets of female psychology you MUST know if you want to attract them!
– The most common mistakes men make when flirting with women and you are sabotaging your efforts with women!
– How to plan the perfect date for the girl of your dreams.
– Direct links to the best online resources for attracting women.
– How to handle the curve-balls women throw at you can utilize these to get her to fall in LOVE with you.

The purpose of this book is to serve as a manual. Everything is distilled into a short book that you can read in an hour or two with ZERO fluff or filler. I take you through everything that actually works. The only thing I need you to do is promise me is that you’ll use this book to provide a positive experience for all women and not misuse the information in any way. This book is organized intuitively and covers everything you need to build your game from the ground up: pre-game, conversation and approach, closing, body language, texting, dating, sex – literally EVERYTHING you need to seduce women.

Whether you’re afraid to approach and talk to women or whether you find yourself liking a girl but stuck in the dreaded ‘friend zone’ or even if you just want to take a girl out for a perfect evening in the hopes of leading it into something more – Attraction Made Simple has all your bases covered.


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