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Dark Subliminal Psychology: Master the Subtle & Covert Art to Infiltrate, Influence & Conquer People’s Minds -Highly Effective Techniques for Subconscious Brain Control


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Do you feel like you are oftentimes overlooked? No matter how hard you try, people do not want to listen to you? They may just find you to be non-threatening or too submissive to hold their attention, or perhaps they feel like you are not worth their time for some reason. Are you ready to make big changes to your life to make waves and establish yourself firmly on the top of the totem pole where you belong? If you are ready to become a dominant, influential individual, then keep on reading.

When you are seen as non-threatening, whether due to your own submissiveness or because you never learned how to show yourself to be imposing and worthy of respect and attention, people often ignore you. You struggle to get dates. You never get picked for the promotion, and you may even struggle in interviews, frequently passed up for someone who was not nearly as qualified, but better at influence and persuasion. You can fix this flaw; however—with the art of subliminal psychology, you can begin to systematically open all of those doors that were previously slammed shut in your face. In this book, you will find the following:

  • An understanding of dark subliminal psychology, why people use it, and how it is effective
  • History of uses of dark subliminal psychology across recent history
  • All of the key concepts you will need in able to truly get the most out of dark subliminal psychology, such as the principles of persuasion, the hierarchy of needs every human has, an explanation of what emotions, needs, and likes are, and more
  • Several different ways to utilize subliminal psychology in a wide variety of different contexts, ranging from in parenting, in relationships, and even in the workplace
  • Several tips to arm yourself against subliminal psychology
  • And more!


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