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EYELINER makeup video tutorial for DOWNTURNED and HOODED eyes – Part 2

EYELINER makeup video tutorial for DOWNTURNED and HOODED eyes – Part 2

On this eye I will show you what to do. I am able to extend the eyeliner only up till here. Because this is where the line breaks. Whatever extends here outwards makes a wing. and I don’t think this wing is what you want.

Wings are sometimes in trend and are fashionable. But it’s not something that would be fashionable all the time. I can extend the eyeliner only up till where the line breaks. I showed you this in a videotutorial about eyeliner which you will find by clicking the link below.

Beloooow!!!! 🙂 Click on it. 😉 This is a makeup tutorail that is actually part 2 of that video. I take an angled brush and I apply it like this. Here… A bit up… Just where the line breaks and inwards.

If I would extend it more out i don’t think this would be a good idea. Because it will just result in winged eyeliner. I am also helping my self with my fingers. I am lifting this part. When once I made a line here so I know where the eyeliner will be applyed, I hold the eyelid like this to have a smooth surface.

It is far easier to apply it now because the surface is smoother. For all of you that don’t have a smooth surface are recommend using a primer, silicon based primer, because this is how you will be able to make this line here very smooth.

And the application will be far easier. Tina has a curved eyelid and it is also pretty dry. The lids are curved and wrinkly like this mainly because of dryness. I could set it with a primer before but I don’t mind doing it like this also.

So this is an eyeliner for her eye!!! She can not make different styles She can not do a nicely winged eyeliner. Look at this. If you apply a thick line up till where the eyelid falls down you will make a weird shape of an eye.

The eyeliner in this case will stick to the eyelid. This means the eyeliner was applyed too much up on the eyelid. Where the lid breaks, the line shows. I should also connect it here on the end of an eye.

This is how she should apply an eyeliner. I will show you from a further distance. Do you see how the right eye is more lifted? Now… Just for fun we’ll extend the right eyeliner a bit more. I am extending it on the outer part making a wing here.

This is a nice eyeliner application. It is a nice line. But the problem is when she opens the eye… See how the line breaks? The result is this wing here. whatever I do… If I cross this line… it just breaks my line.

I am sorry because sometimes I search for words to explain what I am doing because english is not my first language. If you are applying an eyeliner here you need to think what kind of an eyelid you have.

Most of the times the eyelids are quite creased and creases don’t allow you a smooth application. In this case use a primer. Use creams also!!! Eyeliner application on moist eyelids is far easier. Whatever you do.

.. Just don’t extend this line too much. Some people have eyes which don’t allow them certain makeup application. We can not apply an eyeliner on each eye. Not all of us can hace cat’s eyes. You need to think about your eye, about your needs.

.. What you can do and what you can’t. There are various techniques which help you acchieve quite similar effects for ex. lifting up the eye here. Voila!!! This is it for today! Thank you very much for watching.

I’m wearing my friendly face again because this is whatadviseMyStyle is all about. I am not some ritch sexy looking girl telling you how you will never look like me. I try to give you relevant info about makeup.

How makeup looks like in real life. Is the lipstick still on!? Like, subscribe, especially share and I will see you in the next video. Oh… I forgot to tell you… I made a slogan for AdviseMyStyle and it goes like this.

Don’t be fools, don’t follow makeup rules. Because also things that I teach… Maybe are not the right one. You need to use your own head when applying makeup! So…. Don’t be fools, don’t follow makeup rules.



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