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Heartiste On Game


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Chateau Heartiste, who started as a blog in 2007, has been one of the most influential bloggers of the 21th century. Many of the blog posts contained in this book have positively impacted the lives of thousands of men more than anyone else, and they contain what people now consider common knowledge about dating and the human nature.
The book gathers its main contributions to the game science, devoted not only to teaching game to men, as in the ability to pick up chicks, but also the ability to discern between women to be married or not, to differentiate between the various types of women, using such heuristics as her behavior and physiognomy.
He also wrote about how to figure out the character of males from their physiognomy. Another of his contributions is dread game – the art of keeping a woman once you’ve picked her up, also called the long game. The final part of the book contains some posts on self-improvement and the famous maxims.


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