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How to Be a Sexual Samurai: The Moral Man’s Guide to Seduction


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Most seduction guides teach men that they must compromise their integrity in order to be a successful seducer — that deception and manipulation are the keys to unlocking a woman’s heart. Consequently, they are deeply misogynistic, painting a woman as an irrational animal who must be tricked into bed. They hurt the character (and subsequently the lives) of men who attempt to follow their advice.

This guide takes the opposite approach. It argues that sexuality is not inherently sinful and therefore that the artform of seduction does not have to rely on such deceit and trickery, but can be done in a moral manner. It treats women as full, thinking human beings, and stresses the importance of treating them with respect — not alone because it is the right thing to do, but because this actually contributes to all manners of successful relationships, including seduction!

Finally a guide that does not ask men to choose between being a good human being and a successful seducer!

If you’d like to bed women while remaining honest and kind, and with your integrity in tact, then this is the book for you!


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