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How To Be a Women Magnet Without Doing Anything! The Ultimate Guide To Women Attraction From a Woman’s Perspective!


Price: $2.99
(as of Oct 29,2020 11:58:56 UTC – Details)

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Get Your Copy of One of The Fastest Selling Book Ever! From Amanda Jackson.

Learn how to get the woman of your dreams with this comprehinsive guide book that contains the secret Formula for crackıng down any woman’s code. The never before written attraction techniques that has been used by the most successful men in the pick up art community are elaborately laid down for you in this book. It will definately improve how you interact with women and will get you the results you’ve always dreamed of.

137,898: The Number of Copies of “How To Be a Women Magnet Without Doing Anything!” Sold in One Week!

Based on extensive research and one-on-one interviews with many of America’s most successful pick up artists, this book has brought down the secret Formula to women’s attraction that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.


  • It will make you attract the women that you already know and have always wanted to talk to
  • It will show you how seduction can be so easy
  • It will provide with MUST-KNOW tips about picking up women that you’ve never before seen
  • It will change how people around you look at you and make you have the social reputation of being a women magnet
  • It might make your friends jealous of you (but of course in a good way)
  • It will increase the number of women in your life
  • You will increase your chances of finding the right woman for yourself
  • It will show you from a closer perspective how women think and what they really want in a man
  • It will transform your sex life


“Great job! I have been reviewing books in attraction for years and I have never seen a book as full of information and motivating as this one. The simplicity in which it was written and the deep the concepts it’s providing are just over the top. This is truly a masterpiece. I’m glad this book is here!” – Peter Moore

“Well written and very motivating. I’m learning new things everyday and this book is unbelievably informative, I wonder when would there ever be a book like that again. Excellent!” – Emily Dawson

“Unbelievable! I didn’t know that such vital and life changing information can be laid down that simple and practical. It’s the first book I see of such kind. It simply provides the readers who want to change their luck with women the most practical and easy to use information that can serve as the basis for changing how any man interacts with women. I give this five stars! Thanks Amanda!” – Steven Adams from Raw Attraction Magazine

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