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Social Media Marketing Interview with Aaron Marino CEO & Founder of Iamalpham.com

Social Media Marketing Interview with Aaron Marino CEO & Founder of Iamalpham.com

no all right hey how are you hi I’m nice to meet you man nice to meet you officially hi good it’s good to me can you look exactly like your your avatar on your website thank you thank you very much this is a big honor for me yeah oh good it’s the ID I’m trying to get situated but the honor is mine thank you very much for having me your website looks great you have a big following yeah I’ve been following you for I don’t know I think when you started this business about making look good people and I saw your videos and start following you know yes I told you before my English is not very fluent because i am from Venezuela and my mind which is not as good as as I would like to ah what do you say if I hear your English incredible mind that’s the unfortunate thing thank you ever thank you food so now what were you going to say we’re gonna do an interview somebody else is gonna ask me the questions no I think I would do the questions myself trying to get I’m trying to get set up so that I can you can actually see me better than what I was currently does this look better to you it’s great its way okay fine wait wait all right well let’s just start it okay good okay uh how did this project started what was the original idea behind it and are you talking about the my website or your business your website I think your your website right now is your business is that right yeah I was the old ideas the way that it all got started was I used to earn a little fitness center for people to go and lift weights and one of my clients that would come in was a man and he was wanting to know what to wear on a date and so I decided to actually help him and take him shopping and and go through his wardrobe to see what he had and one thing led to another and he had a great thing and so about three weeks later one of his co-workers called me and said hey we take me shopping like okay you know I that’s fine and so he said well how much do you charge and that was the moment extra though though Maria light bulb went off and I realized okay there’s a business in this I just need to figure out what it is and so for about three years I did exclusively one-on-one consulting where I would have men fly in from around the country they they they come I I helped them with their wardrobe I help them with their hair and then they go home and then in 2008 I actually started posting youtube videos and that changed everything I realized that there was a much larger audience out there and they that that men were really sort of identifying with what I was talking about there’s there’s not much information out there for regular guys like you and I to get good advice there fashion magazines their TVs some TV shows but all of these are very high level and not practical for regular guys and so um you know one thing led to another I started a membership website and I decided that I wanted to bring the content to make it available to everybody and so I’m basically deciding and figured out a way to monetize it in a way that that AI can make more money and be I can help more people by giving away the content hey that’s right I think your business has evolved in time first I think you started with free advices on video and and then you you started with a paid memberships right mm-hmm yep this memberships work for you yeah oh yeah I was I was generating on average around eight thousand dollars a month in memberships and for what my website was just basically more exclusive content than was on my youtube channel you know it was good it made money I was never going to get rich off of it because a I had to produce an insane amount of content I was producing like something like 60 videos a month for this membership website as it goes the now where I’m producing 20 and so the workload has greatly diminished but I yeah it was a it worked it worked but the amount of effort that I had to put in just did not justify the amount of money that was being generated great well I when it comes to social media we read all the time that content is king and sharing that content it is the key for success it seems this is work for you right yeah that that is it’s like my business model was based on that I give away so much content I have roughly around 1600 videos that I can’t even imagine how long it’s taken under it’s taken me years to create this this amassed this amount of content but I give away for free saying hey here here’s this information there’s this amazing information are created for you but what I want you to do is come and when I do sell you something your name if once they’re there sort of interacting and they have bought into what I’m doing in the information and the constant that are created then it’s a lot easier to get advertising dollars because you’ve got more traffic it’s also easier to sell products because you’ve got a built-in audience that already believes in you and believes in the product that you’re selling or that you’re talking about yeah because people sometimes ask well if you give away a free and give all your content for free where does the money comes from I think you’ve got the eyes and red and the other thing that when I hear people say well if you give it away then how do you make money people who say that don’t have enough good content because if God you’ve got to give it away you’ve got it develop that relationship and once you have it and you develop your trust then then your your audience and then they’re your customer but yeah I don’t believe in the keep everything private because you do that you’ll never had customers to sell to in the first place sure sure I see you do is your main social network to share your work that’s Twitter or Facebook play any role on your business absolutely I feel that it’s important in order to maintain relevance in the internet and technology world you need to have your hand in all of the different social media outlets and so Twitter even though I personally don’t like using Twitter I do it I encourage people to engage me there facebook same thing I really don’t like going on facebook I’ve got enough to do with making a bunch of videos but you still need to produce content and let people know that you’re here and it’s the social media outlets that really lets people feel like they’re connecting to you on a personal level and that I feel is one of the most important things in today’s society and internetworld people want to feel connected to you and if they’re coming to your business if you just have you know non if you just have like standard text or information if people aren’t connecting that but your Twitter to know what you’re doing sending these short little blast at it lets them feel connected you can respond you can see what people are saying you can retweet them and people love that and you retweet somebody who says something nice about you there’s your customer forever they’re like wow this is amazing same thing with facebook you know encouraging your clients it’s also a great tool for promoting your business in the sense that if you have a special you have an advertisement you can encourage other people to help you promote your business so I feel that you really need to embrace as a as a business on as an online business and just a business in you know the 21st century you absolutely need to embrace all of the social media networks and and opportunities if you have to start all over again what would you do different way I would have started with this website I would have would have put more content at free faster that’s something that I when I started the membership website I decided instead of me giving a video every week I was actually going to make it every two weeks so now I’m pulling content back hoping that they would miss me or something hit hit they would decide oh I haven’t seen him for two weeks I’m going to pay and this absolutely was a very bad strategic decision for me I should have been putting out more content the idea i’m going to generate more subscribers i’m going to generate more interest and that subsequently will convert to more paying members but i made a huge tactical earth with that with that decision can you share with us what will be your next my next step is trying to figure out how did it make better content um I really feel that I used the one like a TV show and I used to want this you know I thought that that was the definition of success in the internet world for what i do i make videos but what I’ve come to realize is that i need to make I have so much control and I have so much influence with what I have built that I need to really nurture that and cultivate it and so I need to work on developing better content more engaged content I’m starting to do almost like a mini series where i work with individuals and i do makeovers on their men i have a camera actually follow me as opposed to me setting a camera up and talking to the camera so it’s a lot more interactive and with that comes other challenges i want sponsored videos and advertisers you know to basically fund these these business to fund the content essentially and so that’s what next we also know well I think a lot of people saw you on sharks neck show if you were asked again to that show you will bring any different idea or what we do different yeah I would mark to my website now um shark tank was a great experience it was amazing I went to shark tank not wanting an investment I was using it strictly as a marketing tool I didn’t need money the product at the time that I was I was that they’re selling was a DVD it cost me three dollars to make and I was selling it for 300 um you know the the shark tank and those investors don’t understand information products and so I knew going in that was going to be a tough sell if I would have said if I was seriously looking for money I would have said we need to take this convert I need money so that we can develop technology to develop an act so that we can grow it out to millions of people but you know looking back I really wouldn’t change anything about my approach at the time the interesting thing that people don’t realize is that i was using that as a marketing tool I wanted people actually to go to my youtube channel I didn’t want to go into my website to buy the style system I wanted them to go to my youtube channel and so when I was out there pitching to the Sharks I was out there for 45 minutes 8 28 and so what happened was I was after talking all about my membership website my my my youtube channel my following my international customer base and they cut and edited that entire segment out of the production and so I lost all the momentum that I anticipated getting towards building up my YouTube audience which is really what I want it because one through there there in my sales funnel great right alright we’re almost done ah any advice for online entrepreneurs oh I I need advice I think the advice what I would give is to be creative with your marketing I think that for anybody who’s not utilizing YouTube is crazy and they’re missing out on a very large potential traffic source youtube I didn’t know what I was doing I’m not a technologically advanced person when i started doing videos if you’ve got something to sell if you’ve got a website you should be making videos short videos say it’s two minute videos but forcing yourself to get into the habit of putting up content generating content maybe it’s a tip maybe it’s a little trick and advice and over time you’re going to see that audience build you’ve got a built-in audience and customer base in this YouTube audience and YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world Google’s first then it’s YouTube so when people are searching for how to do things what if they’re looking for something that’s where they go and so whether or not you’re selling auto parts or if you’re selling information products you should be putting out content and videos talking about it because it also helps increase because google owns youtube you can affect and have a very drastic impact on your organic search results so if you sell tires car tires you do a video about car tires all the sudden you link to your website and you’re starting to get hits well guess what you now organically when you type in car tires in google you’re going to start to climb and over you know the course of a month two months you’ll be amazed at how high you can actually get yourself for no money other than the cost of you know some bandwidth and and and you know borrow a video camera but it’s it’s not complicated and i say that you know that has been one of the keys i would say the biggest key and tool to my success obviously is is youtube and figuring out how to utilize it in a creative and effective marketing man gray dark gray well that’s it thank you very much yeah that’s


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