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Successful Texting (Getting girls to reply back)


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Most guys are clueless when it comes to the power of texting. They meet a girl, get her phone number, and a day or two later they send her a text message. Then they wait…. and wait… and wait. No response.

What happened? Everything seemed to be going great when they met the girl… Did they do something wrong? YEP!!! Absolutely!!!

Has that ever happened to you? Or, did you get some replies in the beginning, but before long she went dormant? I can help!

My guide, "Successful Texting", will show you exactly where you went wrong and how you can fix it. This is the most informative, concentrated, jam packed with information, texting guide you’ll find!

I’ll share the secrets I personally learned, that get the results you’re looking for. When you purchase my "Successful Texting" guide, you will be armed with the secret knowledge that very few other guys know about.
YOU my friend, will have an unfair advantage over them.

So, how do I know this guide can help you? Why do I feel confident that these secrets are THAT effective? Good question. Let me answer that for you: I have studied, researched AND Field Tested these techniques to learn what works & what doesn’t.

What I mean by that is; Over the course of 5-6 months I literally sent MORE THAN 15,000 text messages; as well as, over 5000 emails/messages on dating sites.

I assure you; These secret techniques get real results!

Let’s be honest… How much money are you going to spend buying a couple drinks for a girl? 8-10 bucks? Most likely. And how does THAT end up? Yeah… you’re going home alone… or MAYBE you get a phone number; but then what? You send a text & get no response???

Believe me, I’ve been there!
I used to be the guy who HOPED he could get a girl interested enough that she would answer me if I messaged her, so I could set up our next get-together….. only to feel like I was sending messages out into space.

So, why do you want MY texting guide? Aren’t there other ones out there in the world?? Absolutely! There are several other "texting" guides & programs available; but they cost a LOT more for the same information. Why? Because they have to pay for expensive graphic design & over-priced advertising.

I’ve stripped out all of the fluff & filler and only included useful, usable information. If we were to compare it to the contents of hamburgers, THIS would be 100% MEAT.

What do you get from this guide?

It explains the REASONS WHY my texting system works, and give you example/sample texts you can use "word for word" to get you started.
(I also share actual text message exchanges I’ve had with different girls; AND some email exchanges from dating sites… so you can see what their replies were.)

So, it’s up to you. You can keep sending those same texts that girls delete: ("Hey what’s up?" / "How ya doin?" / "Yo!" / "How are you today?")


You can discover how easy it is to unlock the secrets of SUCCESSFUL Texting, and have women looking forward to your next message! (I guarantee; while you’re sitting here debating it, there are plenty of other guys getting this info before you do.)

Don’t give them that advantage…


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