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The Player’s Guide For Seducing Women: Rules For Mastering The Art And Science Of Chasing Women


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(as of Nov 16,2020 06:15:41 UTC – Details)

Congratulations! You’re about to join the ranks of men like me: ordinary guys who have a lot of fun. I meet all kinds of women and have great success. It is all about women secret and reading this seduction book. Where? Everywhere; I pick up girls when I plan on it, and even when I don’t. One thing remains the same: I have lots of women around me at all times. They remain my friends forever because I’m a great guy and I know what women want. Women want the same thing guys like us do. Read on and learn the rules on how to talk to women that will make you a Player. A Player is a guy who isn’t interested in settling down but enjoys the company of a woman. In an effort to limit emotions for any one woman, he divides his time among other women at movies, dinner or over coffee. In order to achieve this, A Player must be a planner, a visionary, a communicator, a wit and charming. These skills, natural and acquired, help A Player get what he wants—not always sex. He always attract women. This pick up artist book you’re about to read is important for the male gender for many reasons. First, we must combat their strategic books about getting married in 6 months, and be finding a guy to support them. We are here to fight fire with fire. If you apply my information: 1) You will waste less time 2) You will spend less money 3) You will avoid getting hustled 4) You will dodge the female player 5) You will get what you want Pour yourself a drink, and hit the buy now button; we have a lot of work to do.


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