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The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game


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The ORIGINAL: As seen on Dr. Phil, MAXIM; Men’s Health, The New York Times, PLAYBOY, and many more! REVEALED: How Pick Up Artists get more phone numbers and turn phone numbers into dates! Picking up young, beautiful women is changing. Phones, texting, and social media are much bigger parts of women’s dating lives than they were five years ago. Attention spans are shorter. If you’re not relevant to her – day to day, not just on “date night” – someone else will be. That’s why we’re giving you the top secret techniques that the world’s top pickup artists have been using and refining for the past two years. Now you can use them too. Here’s what you’ll be able to do after just the first few pages: Get her number almost EVERY TIME using the “magic words” that make flaking nearly impossible. (pg. 14-15) Avoid the one fatal error that 60% of guys make after getting her phone number that kills their chances right then and there. (pg. 12-13) Know whether to use phone or text (pg. 29-31) and how long to wait to get in touch (pg. 31-5) for every situation. Use “callback humor” to make sure your first phone call has her dying to see you again… but only if you set it up properly when you first met her. (pg. 21-24) Text her while you’re still talking to her so that your conversation continues ‘naturally’ even after you leave — and leads to a same night encounter or a date. Choose from among dozens of scripted messages to send. (pg. 15-18)


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