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Vegas Pick Up Artist: Get Her From The Club To Your Room Without Spending a Fortune


Price: $2.99
(as of Oct 07,2020 05:13:30 UTC – Details)

Bring Women Back To Your Room With Ease

You have made it. The lights from the MGM Grand are gleaming down on you and the excitement of folks partying on the strip is all around you. People are making their way to the slot machines, rolling out chips at the poker tables, nearly every guy you see seems to be dressed in a suit with a loose tie hanging around his neck and everyone – sincerely everyone – is loading up their giant glasses with drinks outside in the open. Some would call this debauched. Others would call this heaven. To boot, some of the most attractive (and scantily clad) women you have ever seen are sprawled in every corner you set your eyes on, clearly looking for company.

You are in Las Vegas, the self-appointed “Sin City” mecca of the world and you have one goal: Not to go back to your apartment alone. However there is a problem. You have heard the rumors and the infamous Vegas reputation has made its way upon your ears; that it will cost you a grip, or a grand, in a club or casino for you to get laid.

What You Will Discover Inside

  • An introduction to Vegas
  • The hottest hotels
  • The top night clubs
  • The best pools
  • Pick up techniques to separate yourself from the rest
  • How to bring women home without spending $$

Would You Like To Know More?

This book contains exactly what you need to step away from the average frustrated chump tag and become a true Vegas pick up artist. The question is are you going to use the techniques revealed inside to bring home lots of smokin’ chicks or are you going to wake up in Vegas alone?

If you are ready to live up to your full potential and become the stud you always knew you could be then scroll up and grab your copy of Vegas Pick Up Artist.


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